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This page will include examples of real penetration tests and security evaluations of Web Services.

If you are interested in taking part on the these evaluations and are open to show the results, please contact Hackmanit GmbH.

Special discounts

We offer special discounts for the first companies and projects participating in our program:

  • 50% off for every pentest, which can appear on this website

Contact us if you are an Open Source project and want to apply for more discount.

How it works

You contact us with the description of your project and of the penetration test target. Afterwards, we calculate the number of days we would need for the evaluation. If you accept our offer, we can agree on the exact dates, the evaluation is provided. For the best efficiency, you provide us with configured Web Service interfaces, valid accounts, and give us example messages we can use for the tests.

During the pentest, we like to communicate with our customers. This again improves efficiency and proved that both sides can profit sharing their knowledge. Security problems can then be directly reported.

After the pentest, you will get a report with a summary of all the results. You have 3 months to fix the problem, then the report appears here. Simple.